Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-07-19 01:36:53 (UTC)

i wish i could die

i wish i could just die...life would be so much better, i
know people say its selfish and you should feel guilty, but
the truth is how can you feel guillty if your not even
here. some asshole online i have a pretty good ideas its
one of my exboyfriends took my sn and added one more number
and added the same exact profile as mine ims me and says
stuff to me, and wont tell me who they are, and says this
sexual stuff to me which leads me to believe its one of my
ex-bf's b/c thats how they are, so then i have my friend im
them like there just a normal person and they say a/s/l,
and the guy wrote, i have to go, but my name is michelle,
and i am a whore, bye...and he signed off. it pissed me off
so much. oh well, and there was other stuff going on today
that made me feel like i wanted to die to...oh well, my
time will come soon enough. luv always-hopeless