The Good The Bad & The Ugly
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2001-07-19 00:56:13 (UTC)

Full of Worries and Depression This week

I have had so much on my mind that I just could'nt muster
up the strength to type.
Me and Rob still don't have jobs, I was sitting back hoping
he would go and look. But first he had a bad tooth ache
and we had to go to the dentist. So one week was spent
nursing the big baby back to good health.
Now he's all into some long distance service thing that he
hopes will make him big money.
Now he does'nt want to work cause he's so sure we will be
rich from this thing.
I finally went on my first interview in months. I was real
scared. Mostly because I have gained 25 pounds and don't
have any clothes that fit. Plus I'm just out of practice.
But I did it! And it wasn't too bad, looking foward to the
next one. Cause I don't thik I got it.
Rob has turned our home into a office. I hate it. He has
me on the computer helping him make flyers and web pages
all day. Even the kids can't relax. He's been yelling at
them all day. I totally hate this. It's too much stress.
this is our home not work. I personally hope it doesnt
work so he will give it up and go back to looking for work.
he's stealing the service from another network any way.
if one looks hard enough you can find the service for 30
bucks a month. He's trying to sell it for 60 and even 100
i wouldnt buy it.