In Gods hands
2002-09-01 09:32:19 (UTC)

News to change our lives forever

Saturday 31st August: Joel and his dad picked me up @ 2 and
we went back to their house.Met Joels dads parents was
kinda shy about it they bot seem pretty nice, Joels grandad
didnt talk much. Joel and I just chilled for a while then
at 4 we went to spa but the shops were shut so we went home
Mum picked me up at 6:15pm.
Topday:Was dropped off at Joels house at 8:15am Joel and I
just hung out in his room till 11 when we went into roma
Street parklands for a picnic. Joel gave methe most
gorgeous ring. before we left. At 3 we went to the chemist
then looked in the winter gardens. At 4:30 we caught the
train to enogra then Joels dad picked us up. At about 5:30
Joel and I found out news thats going to change our lives
forever, which I wont go into here. Dad picked me up at
Tommorow will be 6 months!