True confessions of the curly headed gir
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2002-09-01 07:10:34 (UTC)

second thought

San Diego was a blast! I didn't meet a hott guy, but there
were a few in the hotel room across from us. You really
can't hit on a guy when you have a couple of adults with
you. sigh. Thank God for Millie, she made the trip a
whole lot better. Without her I might have gone a little
I went to a family friends 50th birthday party. It was
okay. My sister finally believed me when I told her Kyle
is hott. She saw him and I quote "couldn't take her eyes
off of him for like a solid 5 minutes." Man it feels good
to be right. But the real fun happened afterwards. My
sister, a friend, and I went to the Starbucks in the
Marketplace. There we saw our friend Daniel (and his cute
and adorable almost 12 year old brother...he's gonna be a
chick magnet when he's 14.) Here's the 411 on Daniel: I've
known him since 9th grade and we have a flirty
relationship. He bugs me because I can't figure him out.
I've known him for so long, but I just can't quite see
where he's comming from. So anyway we all hung out and
stuff. So maybe friday after school we'll hang out or
something because my mom is going to be with Judith (the
family friend) while Judith is having her surgery. My mom
doesn't know when it will be over. So I'll get to be with
Daniel one on one. I can't really say that I like him, I
think I enjoy the chase, or trying to capture him... like I
said, I can't figure him out.
School starts in a few days...not much of summer left. If
it weren't for my stupid school I'd know my schedual. But
of course they messed it up. And to top it off I waited in
the wrong line for and hour trying to pick up my schedual.
Then the ID maker machine broke down so I didn't get a
chance to buy my ASB card or yearbook (in advance.) Man I
hate my school. The only good thing about it is my
I think I've said what I wanted to say...for tonight or
this morning (however you'd like to think it 12:08 am)
Oh yea, I had a dream that me and my friend philip were
going out. that was weird.
good night, good morning, good day.

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