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2002-09-01 05:50:29 (UTC)

i can't wait until tommorrow.

my new boyfriend brent and i are going to rent a hotel
tommorrow. we need alone time. im so afraid. i really
like him. i he was the kind of guy that grows on you. i
didnt really like him like that way at first. now he is
just the most wonderful thing. besides my daughter of
course. i think this is it. i at least hope so. this
would be great if it were the last time. i am so tired of
my job. so much bullshit packed into one day. when will
it all end. who knows. my friend rena was supposed to
stay in town this weekend. she told me she would, but i
cant get ahold of her today. she probably went camping.
she knows me too well. anyways, i guess i will retire to
some other shit until i go to bed. night.

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