Katie Lynne's Thought
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2002-09-01 05:41:09 (UTC)

Guys.. the reveiw

In my whole life, the entire sixteen years I've been
living, I've never fallen in love, nor do I see it coming
in my near future. Although I'm only sixteen it feels like
the world is all based on romantics. I can't even turn on
the t.v. in my own home without being tortured by some
random show with them showing me what I don't have.
I don't feel as if I need someone else but it would be a
whole lot better then my best friends going with their
boyfriends and me staying home stairing at the walls.. or
even worse being forced to be the "3rd wheel". And who the
hell invented that. I find no pleasure in watching to
teenagers swear their love for each other.. like this is
the person you actually going to marry, give me a break.

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