It's Been A Foxy~ Day
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2002-09-01 05:16:39 (UTC)

Looong time

Well, I read my last entry and it was about my love for
Rob. Ha! Yeah right! A lot of stuff has happened since
that last entry. I did run into Rob and his new
girlfriend, but decided not to do anything. A couple of
days later, he found Stephanie online and was bothering her
about my love life. He told her that he's in love and
moved on, but still wanted my cell phone number, so he
could talk to me. I'm so happy that she never gave it to

And then last weekend, I was at Val and Jeff's wedding,
where Chris told me that he ran into JR, one of Rob's
friends. Rob told him that he and I got back together.
Funny, where was I when that happened? So yeah, he dumped
his wife, who he had a child with, and I guess is now out
trying to find me again. GOOD LUCK ROB! You'll need it!

I found something wonderful, a second love. I never knew
that having a second one, would help you heal the wounds
that the first one left you with that you thought would
never heal.

Steve is such a great guy. I love everything about him and
he loves everything about me. I'll never leave him for
anyone, especially Rob.

Mood- WOO HOOO!!
Song- None

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