Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-09-01 04:29:54 (UTC)


iight letz c yesterday whuz friday. and heather (zane'z
gurl) whuz buggin me at school bout likin her man. and it
pissed me off. hmm dat ntie we went to da moviez. and saw
signz. confusin' as hell...but newayz uhh i went wit jenn
and steph and jennz boy mark and his friend shaun and zane.
well zane kept tryin' shit. like kissin' me and goin' down
my pantz and up my shirt and just all dis shit. and den
like after i told him no like 7 timez i kissed him. and den
kissed him again and again. and ya kno made out wit him.
den i get home and his lil gurl callz buggin again. and i
dunno y i whuz all wit zane when he had a gurl. oh well.
but she callz sayin she wantz to kick my ass and talkin'
hella shit. and den cindy callz and does da same shit. den
mark callz dem both and getz in der face. and cindy just
backz down. and den he whuz talkin to heather. and she whuz
like ima kick her ass. and mark whuz like if u even touch
her i'll throw a rock at ur head. hez too nice. and den he
ended up makin her cry. haha. den today she
apologized and shit. and basically told me i had him and to
keep him and dat she whuz gonna dump him. well she didnt
and so i got mad. and zane whuz bein so sweet to me. and
hez like i'll do nething to make u happy. and im like derz
nuttin u can do. and den he called heather and dumped her.
and apologized and shit. so sweet. and i dunno. but i guess
everythin' is iight now. i dunno. tomorrow i gotz family
picnic. i have to go. ima being jenn and steph tho. and
gary will prolly bring sum of his friendz. dnot get ur
hopez up laura! haha im out now bye

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