Grunge Goddess
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2001-07-18 22:53:14 (UTC)

Klepto 'zine

I had to go to the dentist for a 6 mo. check up at 1:00
today and had the pleasure of going first. (My aunt and I
go to the same dentist and we both had an appt. @ 1:00)So I
got jabbed with sharp medal objects for 30 minutes, and
reminded to brush 4537458 times a day. So I went out into
the waiting room and my aunt proceeded for her torture...
I didn't think that a dentist waiting room had much to
offer me so I rumage through the stack of old decrepit
magizine lying around in stacks. Then I came across one
upside down that looked some what familiar. So I turned it
over and what was there to face me? *gasps* Gwen Stefani,
my Goddess.... looking back at me with a smile. So I had to
scheme a clever plot to smuggle this out.... The
receptionist was babbling to someone when she hung up
abruptly I thought that maybe my shifty eyes had given me
away. She must have forgotten to do something, she got up
and wandered into the backroom. So I took this as my
oppertunity. I got up and walked out trying not to throw up
a red flag. I made it outside to my aunt's van and walked
back to the waiting room sat down and waited for my aunt to
come out.
~*~That's about it for the highlite for the afternoon*~*

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