Kat Eyes
2002-09-01 04:11:22 (UTC)

august 31, 2002

well, i made it alive. unfortunatly. it was so hard. it
really hit me when i got to grandma and grandpas house. i
will not be going back. maybe for vacation, but not
permanently. and i talked to nick's grandma online tonight.
and i talked to nick for awhile too. he wished that he
could've spent more time with me last night. joe ropped him
into going to harry's house and playing on nick's x box. so
nick chose so play games w/ a friend over staying w/ me.
man he payed dearly for it. he felt so bad today. i'm so
pissed off to about danielle. i know she wants nick and its
gay as hell that she thinks its open season now that i'm
gone. but i have this feeling that nick and i will never
grow apart. i love him and i'd die for him. and i believe
him when he tells me he loves me. thats why its so ahrd to
leave. i'd miss my other friends: jenn, symone, jesse,
danielle, etc. but out of all of them i left behind someone
who loved me for who i am. well, i g2g2 bed and grandma and
grandpa dont know i'm online. plus, grandma got a new puter
and a scanner and the connection's great!