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2001-07-18 22:31:58 (UTC)

Hey diary!

Hello well its been like forever since i last wrote on
here. Well anywayz, there's lotz of stuff that happened to
me over the past month. First, we went to the *Nsync
concert over at the reliant astrodome last July 6! It
really rocked and they were hott! I can't wait till I get
their new album "Celebrity" on my birthday! But I have to
ask some1 to give me that, hehe. No just kiddin...well
after that, we went to see The Ringling Bros & Barnum and
Bailey over at the compaque center last saturday. it was
really fun coz there were lotz of real cute animals. And
then the next day we went to church and we ate at cracker
barrel and we went to go see "Legally Blond" at AMC. It's
really funny, reese witherspoon is really the perfect one
for the movie. Ok if you wanna know the story, let me juz
tell you the short version, she's like this dumb lawyer
that forced herself to go to harvard law to get her stupid
boyfriend that dumped her back. but then her boyfriend
already has a fiance so she took it a challenge you know to
work hard so her boyfriend could dump her fiance. Well
that's about it but she didnt get her bf back she got a new
and a good one. well that's about it so i gotta go and oh
seth finally emailed me back!! oh yea im like really
excited and now i have mail bye!