Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-18 22:24:24 (UTC)

This Summer was kickass!

Today is July 18, 2001. This summer i decided to take a 5
week course down at Ohio University...spending that time in
a dorm with strange, new people. I never thought i would do
something like this...go to SCHOOL for the summer, but you
know what? I'm really glad i did! This had to be one of the
best summers ever. As i look around the dorm, everyone's
packing, and studying...getting ready to leave and go
home. "I will remember you" By Sarah McLachlan plays on
Jaimie #1's computer...blasting so you can hear it
throughout the halls. It's sad...but the song is perfect.
We all went to dinner together, seeing tonight is some
people's last night here. The majority of people leave
tomorrow. How sad. Many pictures are being taken, in memory
of all our new friends and our "summer family". Some sit in
Amanda and Emily's room, signing Rochelle's blanket...she
is too funny. Im going to miss everyone. My camera's are
almost done...i wish i had another one though! Amber came
in the room and saw me packing, she started crying, I
thought it was so cute. These are the friends i made:
Jaimie C., Jaimie W., Alex and Emily P. (the twins!),
Ashley, Emily C., Amanda R., Mandy, Jen, Rochelle, "The
guys", Amber. Im going to miss you all so dearly! I hope
that sometime, somewhere, I will run into some of them.
Maybe, some can come to my party this summer. Id love that!
So many memories...

ball water, jesus camp, manatees, Tibor, sex and drugs
(hehe), being dragged down the hall, the constant singing
and music, cereal, "is it real ice cream?", props, yeddi's,
rahul, the gym, perfect men, lunch bastard, lunch lady,
pasta, potato bar, undercooked eggs, left over
soup....HELL...there's too much!!! I just wanted to write
about some stuff. I know i missed home, and i missed my
best friend, my dog, my mom, my bed, my SHOWER, and real
food...but this was a great experience...and a shit load of
fun! If ANY of you ever have a chance to do something like
this, I HIGHLY recommend that you do it!! You'll love every
minute of it...and you will cherish these memories forever.
I KNOW that I will. OR if any of you have had an experience
like this, feel free to write me about it. Id love to hear
about it! God im going to miss everyone. Welp, Off to pack
some more, cry, and take pictures. Love to all.


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