Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-07-18 22:21:19 (UTC)

Drugs, Sex, School, and Death

well, today i was supposed to hang out with mike, and smoke
up but he hasnt called me yet, which pisses me off. cause
he does this everytime he waits until late and then when i
go hang out and come back late i get introuble. oh well,
its worth it, he said what hes got is some really good
shit. plus hes a really good lay, probably the best ive i
had. i love haveing sex with him, he has such a nice body.
well anyway, i got a letter today from the chicago
institute of art, they say they want to know more about me,
and they wanna send me more info. so thats good, the
further away from home the better...life really sux, i just
got outta the hostpital last saturday and im already
thinking of ways i can can kill myself which isnt good. oh
well, maybe its for the best. i just dont know anymore,
things are so confuseing, i know in washington i was
supposed to die, and i almost did, but technology saved me,
and i dont know if there was a reason or if it was just
punishment... but i do know if my life is what life is, id
rather not live it at all... well im gonna go cut myself
now or get drunk or something... im a really good listener
if anybody ever needs anyone to talk to you can email me at
[email protected] or im me at XxHopeless212xX, or
freebasebabe69... thanx for takin the time to listen.