hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-01 03:01:12 (UTC)

why... why... why

well 1ce agen i'm sittin here... thinkin about evrything
bad that iz goin on in my life...

i think that 2 daiz ago wen i wrote 'bout steven not tlkin
2 me 'bout how hez nvr on line... i think i only wrote
that 2 c if he waz readin this or not... 2 c if he'd feel
like tlkin 2 me after he read that...

well- either hez not readin this or he j/ duzn't wanna tlk
2 me cuz he still hazn't tlked 2 me....

i keep tellin myself that i dnt like him tryin 2 trik
myself in2 actually not likin him no more.. but it aint

if ur wonderin wat happend 2 that other guy???

ya i still like him but unbelievably enuff i'd have a
better chance w/ steven!!!! ~HA~

i tld Ivan i liked him... i dnt think he b lieved me...
darn, darn, darn...

why is it that i can tell ne 1 how i feel about them X CEPT
steven??? i guess i j/ dnt think he'd understnd that
well... so i wnt tell him. i'll j/ sit here kry sulk
inside i'll hide it 4 ever...

wish me luk....

"wat use iz it 2 u
watz on my mind
if it aint comin out
we aint goin n e where
so y cnt i j/ tell u
that i kare
cuz i'm feelin nervous
tryin 2 b so perfect
cuz i kno ur wrth it...