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2001-07-18 21:22:00 (UTC)

I have been on the computer..

I have been on the computer non-stop, since I am a
perfectionist... I am never satisfied with my website... so
I change it every day! I have been through 3 layouts in
two days! And it is very complicated and tiring! But
today... I got into it wit Missy... AGAIN! And every 1 left
me by my self! I wuz home alone, and then every1 had to get
off the fone... while i just sat on the computer... trying
to figure out how I am gonna do my web site! Right now,
while I am typing this... Adam is on the fone half asleep,
I don't know wwhy... but he doesn't want me to wake him up!
But oh well... just another reason to keep typing!

~*Mallory*~ aka... Mallerdee