And now for something completely dumb
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2002-09-01 01:35:08 (UTC)

How things are

How is it I always seem to find someone I can't be with?
Or worse, doesn't want to be with me. I mean, is there
something wrong with me? I'm tired of being alone and not
having someone. I dunno, maybe I should just become a monk
or something. The way I see it...I'm gonna be alone for
quite a while, if not forever. I have my family and my
friends, but they can't fill that certain spot that
everyone's heart has. I don't know why I even try
anymore. I mean, I meet a girl, eventually I get hurt. So
I guess I shouldn't even try anymore. I mean its not like
I go out and actively persue girls anyway. I go out and
try my hardest to have fun. I'm just so tired of being

I don't like bragging or anything like that, but I'm a nice
guy. I treat everyone with as much respect as they give
me. I'd say I'm a decent looking guy. Not the best, but
not the worst either. So what is it exactly that people
don't like about me? I would love to know.

Song playin: Last Night by The Strokes
Next person to call: Nicole
Cigarettes thus far: 6 I've had a rough day
Dumb thing said/done: Realized how much I liked a girl