I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-09-01 00:53:50 (UTC)

The job front

Even though I work at a health food store, and it's in a
very affulent neighborhood, there are still the odd people
who wander in.

The other day, there was an old man with a walker who came
into the store. You know those big sunglasses that lots of
old people wear, that fit over their glasses? Well, he was
wearing those, but they were Saran Wrapped to his head. It
was very odd.

Then there was the woman who put a greeting card that I
handed her into her purse, and as she lifted the flap
there was this little face in there. I thought it was a
rat in all honesty. I screamed. It just surprised me.
Turns out it was a little miniture pincher. Odd.

Then there was the woman who had a very cute little baby
boy. He was sleeping. Probably 5 months old or so. She had
just recently finished breastfeeding. How do I know this?
Because her shirt was wide open and her boobs were hanging
out. I mean, she was wearing a bra, but how do you tell
someone that? Odd.

Today, there was a little boy who was probably 2ish. Named
Eli. Very cute as well. But as I walked by, he slapped my
ass. I didn't know boys started that young. Wow.