§titch my wri§ts heal my wounds

46 §titche§ acro§§ my wri§t§
2002-09-01 00:12:30 (UTC)

HeLp!!! iM gOiNg CrAzY!!! (send feedback please)

i dont get it!!! derek never showed interest in me until i
started dating his friend which is none other than ryan!!!
so clue me in... why now why that night WHY!!!!???? why
does he show and tells me he misses me and likes me and
everything right in front of my b/f???

ugh im lost! i mean he grabbed me and told ryan he was
stealing me away from him and he took me to talk to him
alone and said i told him i didnt date younger ppls and now
im dating his friend who is 2 years younger than derek to
start out with! in his words it was "you told me you didnt
date people younger than you when i asked! but now your
with him!!!??? he's even younger than i am" then he stormed
off and i ran after him which got my b/f pissed at me! i
wish he woulda told me he liked me in the beginning or any
other time besides now!!!!

do you understand this at all? please send feedback i
really could use it tonight!!!

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