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2002-09-01 00:10:56 (UTC)

Catching Up...

I haven't written here in 10 days. Here's a brief summary
of what we've been doing.

** Scrapping up money to send three boys to university and
taking care of loose ends before the two middle boys start in
a few weeks--dentist appointments, haircut appointments,
immunizations, shopping, and packing.

** A one day trip to the Oregon State Fair in Salem. This was on
the last day of John's vacation. He worked around here all
his vacation so I insisted on one brief day off. We both
fell in love with Shetland sheep. We also made certain to
wash our hands well after leaving the animal barns; more
than 50 people have E.coli from not doing that at the Lane County

** Registered Hugh for his high school classes and met with
the school counselor to straighten out his transcript. He'll
be a senior this year. Another boy to send to university
next Fall. School starts on Tuesday for him.

Events on the agenda for September are my Dad's 80th
birthday and lugging all the stuff the middle boys want to
bring to Oregon State and helping them move in on September

I'm still working on the Crow's Foot quilt and anticipating
moving into the smaller bedroom and turning it into my
sewing room. Finally, I'll have a room to organize all my
supplies and I won't have to put my sewing machine
on the dining room table when I want to use it. Oh, joy!

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