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2001-07-18 20:38:48 (UTC)

my new fun day

well i learned that the right guy can come and sweap u
away........ cause a boy came and he did sweap me off my
feet and i love him alot.... ive never felt the way i feel
for him..... even tho ive known him for a few days i feel
like he has been in my life for ever it's werid i know but
thats just the way i feel and if i see any other girl look
at him i will kick her ass ive doen ie befor cause he is my
man and he will always be my man noo one will ever change
that soo i luv u Bart Allen thomas i hope one day that we
can get married ~*~WOW~*~ what am i saying i cant get
married iam too younge but i can make a disscount with him
soo here it goes "will u marry me" ~*~WOW~*~ i said it
~*~WOW~*~ but hey i know hw will treat me good well thats
all i have to say soo peace out keep it real yo!!!!!!!!!

iam hoping to see all my friends at the ~*~HOOP~*~
on friday see ya there