Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-31 22:52:53 (UTC)


well, after last night's terrible fight with someone, today
i juss stayed in bed, cuz im hella sick with some throat
problem. My voice is totally gone. And for some reason,
people are really makin me mad. Like megan, she's being
totally rude to me, all of my other friends are bein weird-
AND i'm mad at someone else right now, but i wont even
mention his name. I'll get too angry and just start goin
off. Anyways, nothing i have taken for my sickness today
has worked. It's weird how no medicine ever invented by man
has ever worked on me for anything. It's aight tho. I can't
beleive my dad. I bought nancy a 60$ b day present and now
hes sayin, "this is the last holiday we spend together, I
dont like her." I did that for nothing?!
grrrr....guys...Well being single was fun a while ago, but
for some reason, everyone i know practically is with
someone and it makes me angry lol. And no guy here is
interested, only in "friendship" so its weird. I mean, dont
get me wrong, i love all my guy freinds and all, but geeze
what happened to the bf guys?! Even my friends ask why im
not gettin with anybody, well first i havent had the time,
and i guess second cuz they never come out and tell me! Im
going to kill that indian kid who took my spot. He smells
terribly of curry and i swear to god grrr....AND where the
hell is stephanie?! i havent seen her at school in a week!
DID SHE DIE OR SOMETHING? if she quit band im gunna get so
pissed. Anyways, i need some more ice cream, cuz my throat
hurts. I need a hug :(


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