The jerk files
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2001-07-18 20:11:44 (UTC)


I apologize for not writing for several days. i've really
had alot on my mind. Trying to get a job and all. Last
night i switched rooms with my sister. It took quite a
while. I am almost done now, it was a mess. But now i have
tha largest room in the house. YES! Sunday we got back from
youth camp. It was fun. Charlie ate some mystery cup of
meat and chewed up crap. He then proceeded to break his
leg. (pretty much) We got about 4 hours total of sleep
there. Other than that it was cool. Today i am faced with a
dilemma, Someone called me and said that it would be really
good for me to go into Master's Commission. Its a 9 month
program (like a college) that kids go into to help disciple
them and prepare them for full time ministry. The thing is,
i dont feel spiritually or emotionally mature enough todo
it. I dont like the idea of getting 5 hours of sleep a
night. and i dont like the idea of doing things that i
normally wouldnt do. But i know it would be good. Is there
another way? I dont know. Also, i never have been away from
home before for more than a week. I know thats kinda sissy-
ish, but dang what can i say? I am just close to my familia.
Whatever man. Im out.