Life as I know it.
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2001-07-18 20:01:28 (UTC)

let fantasy set you free


Im so happy, not this weekend but the next one she is
coming back to Pittsburgh for the weekend, oh that will be
so much fun. I cant hardly wait! She is so happy I broke
up with Matt so I wont end up blowing her off like I did on
some occassions.....and finally once again we will both be
single, and Heather is single too, and Jaqi actually. I
have a feeling next weekend something is going to happen,
something so incredibly awsome and insane cause thats what
always happens whe we are all back together again.
ALWAYS. Other than that noting spectacular has happened,
im starving but am not leaving here til I get my tapestry
hung and need ciggs, I also have to check the balance of my
bank account to see how much money I have cause I have been
going spending insane, well not really, but I have been
spending more money than I should have. I need to make
sure I have money for rent coming up...if not my mom is
gonna flip. =0( Oh well. Nothng really new except Matt
my roommate is gone, and he forgot to give me half of the
phone bill, which he has owed me forever so i get to harass
him about that bt other than that its all good. Plans for
tonight? who knows, but its my last night for not having
plans cause im actually booked up til sunday

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