2001-07-18 19:57:53 (UTC)

another boring day

so far, my life is dull and boring...actually i have no
life ever since i have gotten married. i hate my life...i
love my husband, but he can be cruel and mean. he would
call me names and then smirk at me if i cry because it
hurts my feelings. i dont know how i stand to live with
him but i have too. since i've married him, i have to make
it work. my parents won't take me back and i have no where
to go. actually there is one other person in my life...but
i dont know if he would accept me because i know hes not
ready for a comitted relationship and i'm married. i know
my husband is having an affair...just yesterday his phone
rang and i picked it up and the caller id was blocked so i
couldn't call back when they hanged up on me. my husband
then grab the phone from me, left our son there crying and
left for his booty call. i dont know which makes me
madder, myself for staying in this horrible relationship or
my husband for treating me like shit.