perpetual timewarp.
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2002-08-31 20:07:07 (UTC)


That is my favorite word. It is very cool.

So .. school starts soon .. and the dorm situation went
from bad to .. well I guess doesn't exist anymore. Dorm
space is so full that they had to turn janitor closets into
temporary dorms....... hmmm. Well I am first or second on
the waiting list (*all that work to get up early and get to
student accounts that day .. it still hasn't paid off .. 4
days before the semester.*) so maybe I'll get a dorm when
someone withdraws or whatnot. Until then I'm stuck in my
house with my feuding parents .. rrr .. no alone time with
Zach ..

Soon enough, I guess. Soon enough.

love ya!

.x sara x.

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