A Princess
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2001-07-18 19:27:00 (UTC)


Yo yo yo, I'm soooo stupid its annoying, my grades are so
bad I gotta get em up, my mums gonna buy me all these text
books n stuff and I think its really gonna help. Im not sure
about this play anymore, because delilah is prob taken and
mary-beths character is real dodgey,lol...Anywayz skool was
good, wish I could swap my drama teacher, ah well ;) Oooo I
found out James Caradine has a g/f, this girl in my grade,
she used to say how stupid we were for liking him cos hes
nothing special and be generally nasty about him, now shes
going out with him, kidz. I miss skool 2moro cos Im at the
ort dentist cos my teeth are crap,lol...Ummmm what else
happened today...AHHH Vickys b-day 2moro and we're off to
the movies...oops I havent got her a pressie...Hmm I'll get
it 2moro when im skiving,muhahahaha! I so need new
clothes...hmmmmmm, Anywayz nothing else happened so Im
going, Love ya'z
Wondering where shexy is...Like a lil lost puppy,

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