2002-08-31 19:58:41 (UTC)

a pleasure-ridden torture...

Belief our direction,
salute the essence,
the essence of two performers,
a pleasure-ridden torture,
but my dear, im always near,
and oh my dear, HEAL.. HEAL...

ive been really sick. i caught bronchitis again. im
taking medicine for asthma and thats helping.

my speech class is guna suck. this really punked out
stupid boy was hitting on me hard core, like out of line
hardcore. and i wanted to hit him.

i went to the store with caroline today. im really a cocky
bitch. but it was nice to chill with her.

i have to work at don pablos tonight. i dont want to at
all. but only one more week there and i can start at
lexmark!! yay for jeans and $10/hour and pink hair and
sitting on my ass.

amy steinberg is tonight. i might miss it if i have to
close the restaurant. but they cut me really early the
last couple days so hopefully they will tonight. probably
not since tonight i really want to be.

i saw ashley a couple days ago. that was nice, except im
worried about her.. but i dont know how to help. im not
good at that.. i dont know.. plus, people like us cant
really be helped very easily... but still. i dont know.

Sarahs at UCF. thats exciting=) i dont know, last time i
saw her we didnt really click anymore, but maybe now it
will be different. we used to be so close...

im guna go eat dinner with my family and go to work now.