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2002-08-31 19:52:54 (UTC)

what/do/u/do/under/the/bleachers/@/a/f-ball/game??? (send feedback)

YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! the game last night actually turned out to
be awsome! (i didnt watch a second of it but ya know what i
mean) here's the highlights:

-Got there i seen ryan right away but ignored him a while

-Met up with about 10 friends and chatted 4 a lil bit

-Met up with ryan but we kept our distants...he acused me
of ignoring him and told my friend i was being a bitch...i
got him back 4 that by the way... while looking for
(trouble) aka raul!

-met up with raul to see what ryan would do... nothing
happened though

-spent a good chunk of the night talking to my friends and
ryans friends while he held tight to me all night!!! *how

-then my mom showed up BLAH!

-then a guy i used to LOVE came over and started talking to
me and ryan yea and he was all over me as well!!!! i think
ryan got mad at me 4 talking to a lot of different guys!

-derek (the other guy) said he missed me (i felt special!)
derek also grabbed me and said im stealing ur g/f ryan
which made me feel very special!

*why is it that when ur taken (everybody) wants you*???

- well then derek dumped his g/f who was ALL OVER HIM
making me jealous and wanting to cry even though my man was
still holding on to me the whole time... which lifted my
spirit! (i mean if i woulda had to have seen them kiss
again i was ganna vomit)

-then it was soon time to go and me and ryan got our first
kiss! and he whispered "i love you" in my ear awwww it was so cutie!

-we made plans 4 today as well, at least i hope :) well
thats about it with minor details left out but all in all
the night was fab!

- oh and i dunno who won the game? LoL

so anyways ponder this-*why is it that when ur taken
(everybody) wants you*??? send me feedback if u know!!!

Mood: Slutty 0.o
Song: Take My Time Tonight

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