Brain Drain
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2001-07-18 19:24:38 (UTC)

Long, whiny, feeling sorry for myself

I have no life. I have only three friends, maybe four. I
lost them all after high school when i married that
asshole. Then I just recently lost another one when I
found out she was a lying sack of shit. My friends I still
have I don't think really like me all that much. I am an
afterthought. Or they just wait to call me after my
children go to sleep. Myabe I had plans? they know I
never do. I am in a deep funk and I want my bed to swallow
me up while I sleep. My one friend, lives one street
over. She has to pass my house to get to our other friends
house. Does she EVER stop by on the way to his house?
NO. The call me at nine pm and ask me if I wasnna do
something tonight. Knowing full well my kids get up at 6
am, and so do I. Bitch..grumble...