Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2001-07-18 19:22:35 (UTC)

Get Me to a Nunnery

Current music: Satellite by Smash Mouth..this is such a
good cd!
Current mood: A bit worried by the events of last night,
but still happy to know that my friends love me and that's
really all I need.
"Get thee to a nunnery" is sounding quite appealing.
Does that mean I would have to be catholic? I dunno, if
the nuns were okay with it, and some of them weren't like a
thousand years old, I think I should go for it. Because
I'm just like, ahhh guys suck! I give up!! I would be the
most awesome nun...definitely the cutest. hehe. and the
TALLEST! LOL!! (You may be the closest, but I'm the
fastest! Noemi, Lindsay, Shannon and Jennie should get
that...sorry everyone.)
Sorry, I'm a bit out of it, if I was ever in "it" in
the first place! We still have no car.
The boy has still not called. Supposedly he's afraid
of what I'll say. Baby. I'm not that mean. He said Noemi
should slap him, she said I'd do it. He said I hit too
hard. Hope you can follow that, it's quite funny.
We REALLY need to talk, and I guess that's why I'm
upset. Thinking about it, it's almost like he used my
feelings to get what he wanted from me. I feel so
dumb..kinda depressed...I can't eat which is surprising.
I'm willing to put this behind me if he would just call me
and give an explanation dammit! I want us to be friends
though, we have so much fun together!
Noemi, me and Lindsay are all in the same boat right
now and we've all decided that this is much easier- I've
decided I'm not bothering with boys and their feelings much
anymore, just me and what I want. Lindsay dear, I'm
following in your footsteps. I agree with your motto, boys
are losers!!! and that they don't deserve much from
me...I'm just gonna be a playa. Or a nun. But a playa has more fun,
right? He'll be upset soon enough, I remember how he FREAKED OUT
when he saw me and Shawn. BARF! (Big mistake, but I was on the right
track I think. He worries about me, I think he feels the need to
protect my innocence b/c he doesn't have any!) This should be good.
showin no love..~mandy