Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-07-18 19:05:51 (UTC)

Wednesday, July 18th

Well, the house of cards falls in any futher on me. They
decided to take both of the boys, because they can be
placed together in a "special needs" family, and they need
to be kept together because they are brothers, bs, more
bs. Whatever, they are leaving the way they came to us,
with nothing. I can have one heck of a yard sale and
atlest get some of my money back that has been spent. They
hockey skates and helmets will be able to be sold, since
hockey season will be starting soon. Everyone is always
looking for good deals on hockey equipment, should be able
to get $100 for each set.

Then Michael calls to tell me that Heidi has been calling
him, left a voicemail wanting to know why he called her,
which he didn't. She got some obscene message on her
voicemail and swore it was him and when she called him back
he said he wanted to get back together, etc. I listened to
the call and it was not him, the guy was watching a movie
or playing a tape and his voice sounded black. But, of
course they are convinced that it was him. I swear to God
I hope this paternity test comes back negative, I can't
deal with these low life scumbags anymore and if I find out
he is now related to them I think I will have to shoot
myself. Okay, not shoot because that is too painful and I
am too fearful of guns, but end my life somehow. I don't
even know if the DNA test is going to stop all this because
if it is negative they will say he faked it somehow, and if
it is positive he will suddenly become responsible for
everything that has gone wrong in her life. Just like he
is being blamed for this phone call, it clearly isn't him,
but that is all they have on their small brains and can't
get that it might be someone else.

I mean this was not a good kid, who graduated with honors,
etc. before she met us. This was a kid who did not finish
high school, drank because he family allowed it, did drugs,
and had sex with lots of guys. She had a BAD group of
friends long before we knew her and she started
babysitting. To blame me or Michael, or even just Michael
for her doings is wrong. She has made her stupid choices
like to buy cigarettes instead of food, is taking public
aid and then is convincing them she is going to go to
college. She just got her GED, this year when she turned
19, when she was supposed to graduate when she was 17. It
took her 2 years to even get her GED, she has not been able
to keep any job, she always says they did something wrong
to her. Everyone else is always to blame for her problems,
I think it is time she became a true mother and adult and
took responsibility for her actions.

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