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2001-07-18 18:52:23 (UTC)


I feel like such shit right now. I have my period. I hate
this cause now Im starting to get cramps pretty bad
everytime I get it. Sucks. I'm also pretty tired. I just
hope everything stops by Friday.

I'm freezing. This doesnt feel like summer at all. Im sick
of the rain and the gray dreary weather. That whole weather
changes mood thing is true. Unless I had a drink in hand
and some good friends with me.

I think I may just take a nap. All though I did wake up
around 1:30. Oh well. I need to get a tan. I feel so Amish.
Im also trying not to eat, maybe once a day. I'm 100 lbs. I
know, it's not healthy but neither is any of the other
stuff I do.

When I do eat I make sure that its healthy, I eat fruit and
pretty much rabbit food. It's not like Im trying to starve
myself, really. I just dont have a desire to eat anything.

I would give anything to be able to lay in a nice hot tub
right now with a glass of wine, some candles and nothing
but the sounds of the night surrounding me.

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