the true confessions of moi
2002-08-31 16:34:27 (UTC)

school and sam.. what to do

this thing seems like it could pass time on here when
sam's not around.. times like NOW. sigh. at least i'm
getting good at knowing when he's going to be out all
night, if the words 'i'm out drinking with _______, back
in a couple hours' are read, my brain translates them
into 'i'm gone to get pissed and do e, back sometime
tomorrow'. i wouldn't mind if i wasn't bored, though, i'm
really not a nazi.. although right now i'm enjoying the
fact that i'm going to the lake this weekend and he'll
feel bad cause i'm not talking to him before i leave. i'm
such a 12 year old sometimes.. mostly in the morning. i
wonder if anyone will ever actually read this. ah well,
killing time, killing time.
school's just started, and so far it's ha ha ha easy, and
it had better stay that way. i'm quite unhappy with the
fact that i still have no gym credit cause my school's so
fucked up and has that damn block system, and now i'm with
a bunch of people i don't know, and i need to go or i
won't graduate. that would be definite cause for suicide,
i think, being back in that building another year would
definitely kill me.
also, i'm really really sick of junk mail.