I Debbie...
2001-07-18 18:15:53 (UTC)

Welcome To My World

I am not sure of the title..I will probobly change it once I
get done. Brian is the biggest dork. I am standing there in
the kitchen with most of the apt cleaned and he says and I
quote" I will do the dishes when I get home". Like does he
really expect me to stop with only that to do and wait for
him to do it? That was really an assonine comment. I mean I
guess I should feel grateful about the offer but it is
kind-of like offering an advil after I have the bottle in my
hand ready to swallow. I hope he doesn't use that as an
excuse for not doing something about the bedroom. That is
the real crux of the matter. It wouldn't take much time to
do it. Just getting his ass in gear. It is amazing how much
I got done in three hours. There are still ants around..I
will have to find another way of dealing with them. Not much
else to say.
I Debbie