through the looking glass
2001-07-18 18:14:34 (UTC)

Grand Assembly (Majority always makes you think)

What a weekend This one has been!!!!!! I went to Grand
assembly this weekend :) boy I am glad I did it reminded me
like nothing else could who I was and what my life was
about. To see many of my girls having a fun weekend and to
know that one of my favorite little sisters is now on her
way to becomming a grandie de jour I couldn't be happier
for her. And yea I cried at my Majroity service but it was
a good cry it was one were I know I take with me all the
memories of a full rainbow life as a girl I was a grandie I
was a key member in my assembly and No I will never get
Rainbow girl of the year but in my mind thats ok because I
got something so much better. I have my Sis Mere and My
little sis April and all that comes with the traveling
around the state I have people that Love me no matter where
I go and I have a full heart that I leave here with. I know
I will probably end up going to some Rainbow functions I
would love to go to the Rites they are soo cool especally
the one close by. Today My heart dances as I remember
Everything that I have been through for Rainbow and for my
true life that is in me and the me that is hidden in my
heart along with the Pot of Gold that is now full of
memories and I truly did find the treasure. I cried at My
Majority I know i said that before but here is my defence
for those who say that they won't you try to look at Mama
Renda eyes when they are full of pride and love for you and
you don't cry. As far as the rest of it goes I got to see
my Bridget :) I was so glad to see her she is one of the
most awsome Women I know and I realy truely look up to her.
Well thats about it for Grand I wish Mere could have been
there I know she would have loved it. Well gotta run
In Rainbow Love and Shooting Stars
Lisa Fuqua
PG Musician