2002-08-31 14:38:10 (UTC)


well last night was the best, I went to this thing where
they played Heavy Metal, which is the best, but i like all
Rock, cuz Rock fucking Rules. I had suck a good time. the
day started when i went over my friends house at 12:30 or
1:30 which i don't remember. then we walked around his
neighbor hood, a lot. then at like 7:00 we when to this
Rock concert thing, at Lmoruse. which was so fucking great!
me n him had a great time i think, then we got buzy i mean
really buzy, like we mad out a couple of time, well a lot
of times. which i lost count after the 3 kiss. lol. i think
this guy really likes me. but he's shorter then me, oh
well, im going to have to deal with it. i think where like
a couple or sumthing. i don't know 4 sure yet. but i hope
it will b me n him 4 ever. wow im just so happy. i think i
love him or sumthing. but the night ended like at 1:30 cuz
my mom showed up, cuz i didn't call her, n im still
wondering if she cought me kissing him, but oh well, n i
wonder how she found out where i was. wow. well every thing
is cool with my parents, i think. which i wish i could go
out again. well with him of course. as u can c im not
mentioning his name, cuz i dunno if it's serious yet, so
when where afically going out i will anonce it. so long 4




P.S. I think he's likes me, a lot. or else we where making
4 the fun of it. lol