My Life
2002-08-31 14:36:17 (UTC)

New York

Last night my cousin came in to town. She's a little older
than me (mid 20s) but she always treats me like an adult.
We've grown close over the past few years and shared some
good times.

We have this mexican restaurant that we love to go
to...they have the BEST margaritas. So when she said she
was coming into town, we made plans to go there and she
arranged a gathering with her gay-couple friends. So we
all met up there, and another of her girl friends showed up
out of the blue too (she had said she wouldn't be able to
go). It was such a good time.

After dinner and a couple margaritas, she and the gay
couple came back to my place where we had cosmopolitans (I
offered all the drinks I had, but they chose cosmos). Well
one of the gay guys is a flight attendant. He told me that
I was so New York and that I belonged there. I was
like "You're so right. And I will be there after

Ok so it might sound stupid, but I was really excited that
it is obvious that I belong in a big city. I thought it
was write-worthy.

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