Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-01-16 09:05:26 (UTC)

Hey, Another day at college. Oh..


Another day at college. Oh what fun. Actually it shouldn't
be too bad. I haven't got lessons, which means I should be
revising, but I'm not! I've got my saxophone lesson today
(groan!) I hate it! Well, I don't but they're sooooo boring!
I rang Kathryn last nite to wish her a happy birthday. I
miss her so much! But not long til I see her again.
I had a pathetic night last night! Stayed up and watched
dirty dancing! Oh the sad life I leave! Well, that film
reminds me of Chris and I miss him. To top it all off I
fell asleep listening to the dirty dancing soundtrack! But
I somehow managed to break the play button on my stereo
while putting it on...which could cause a problem...
Today I start my diet! I ate my last bar of chocolate and
drank hot chocolate last night! I gave up chocolate and
Crisps for 8 months last year, so I can do it again this
year! The crisps weren't a problem. I still don't eat them!
It's the chocolate. But I have determination, I can do
this! GGGGrrrr!!!
I had my bum complemnted on yesterday, which was a boster
for my confidence! Although I can't help but feeling he was
Anyway, I better go and do some revision and write a letter
to Hannah!