And Then There Were Three...
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2001-07-18 17:55:00 (UTC)

And Then There Were Three...

Hi there. My name is Rebecca. I'm 29 years old, straight
female, single, no boyfriend, two cats. I'm a little round
redheaded woman with green eyes. I work as a
managing editor at a business technology magazine
somewhere in the wilds of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm also a Witch, a Shamaness, a medium and a
multiple personality. In other words, I get a lot of traffic
in my head. I have spirit allies who like to talk to or
through me. And I have two other people in here who
like to have their say. Two that I know of so far, anyway.

I discovered that I was multiple a month ago. I'm taking
it well, in part because I was drawn three months ago
to an online community of 'empowered multiples'. That
being, multiples who don't see their state of
consciousness as a handicap that is going to keep
them from living until it is overcome, but as simply a
part of their experience of living. This helped a lot. Left
on my own, I probably would have considered myself a
sick freak and ended up really hurting myself and my
others emotionally.

ANYway, this diary exists as a forum for all those who
share space in my head. I have co-consciousness (I
don't have blackouts) but still and all this was
suggested to me as a good way to help us all get to
know each other. And get who we are and what we
want out on 'paper'.

Here is an introduction to the major players:


Rebecca: me. 29, the main 'fronter', what some people
might call the 'core'. I pretty much have an unbroken
memory of my life since birth, minus a few bits and

Bunny: A six year old girl who lives 'inside'. She is cute,
precocious, magickal and sometimes frighteningly

Fury: Our newest. The keeper of our anger -- that most
forbidden of emotions for an abused child. I was never
supposed to get angry, to fight back against what was
being done to me. Any attempts were answered with
greater danger and violence. We locked Fury away out
of fear of her and of what she might do if unleashed.
But when she broke free, she turned out to be
remarkably civil and levelheaded for someone who is
basically a classy version of an Erinys.


Erik: Erik is a spirit who has been with me for years
now. He is a trickster, shapeshifter, teacher, lover, a
little scary and a lot of fun. He is very intelligent, and very
wise, and often acts as an advisor when we're
confused as hell.

Jaguar: Jaguar is one of our totems. He doesn't talk
much and when he does it is generally in a very blunt
manner. Erik will occasionally translate at greater
length for him.

Exu: An Orixa who has priveleged me by taking a liking
to me. He possessed me for the first time last week to
help me give advice to a friend.

Anyway, that's us. I will try and get everyone to sign their
posts as we go along to avoid confusion.