through the looking glass
2001-07-18 17:54:54 (UTC)

A week in the Life

I am stupid!!! I just learned this this weekend. Well I am
Lisa and I am the girly that Meredith Remembers me as but
Unfortunatly I have also been seeint some people I
shouldn't ya know. Well the entire Eric situation is a bust
he is an asss and apearently a compulsive Lier both of
which I don't need at the moment. I finaly gave up on him
though :). As for the whole Kristin thing My opnion is that
if she would have done things diffferently she woldn't be
having the problems she did to begin with!!!!! Sacred
Grounds is too much of a hassel for me to many dramas going
on well at least mine is over now I just gotta make an
appointment with the doc to make sure all is well. Other
than that Lets see I think Things with Meredith and I are
finaly starting to heal. Thank God now if I could just get
that to happen with Pete I would be all set. I wish he knew
how much I care about him as a friend and that all this
shit that went on is over auggh well I guess I can't win
every war. as much as I wish I could this one I guess I
gotta pray for a strengthing of a relationship bond that
was there before. Its raining it was yesterday it is today
and I dunno how long untill it stops. As far as my faith
goes I think its back on tract I stoped doing stupid shit
with stupid people and I started Getting back into God and
prayer. For those who think that God isn't real trust me he
is and he loves you so much he wants you to be with him in
paradise forever!!! Well thats about it for me I guess I
will talk to you later God bless to anyone who wants to
bother reading this. Sister in Christ Lisa Fuqua