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2001-07-18 17:21:03 (UTC)


July 18, 2001

A whole lot has happened recently. For starters I found out
that Patty is not going to Toronto with me anymore. She still
hasnt contacted me or paid for the concert ticket (which she
has). If I haddnt of called Ned yesterday, I still would not
have known. Not calling me to tell me (she decided that she
wasnt going 2 weeks ago) is so rude!! It really pisses me
off. Who is going to take her place? I dont want to be
stuck with only Ned and Curtis... I need a girl!

My parents are driving me even more bonkers... and I think Im
beginning to let them know. I have been a whole lot more
open lately. And also, I have discovered that no matter how
good I am, they still find just as much to yell at me for.
So I might as well be lazy, it will be easier on me. They are
so blind.

Im so sick of work. Its so routine and tiring. I do the
same things over and over again. Walk dogs, clean kennels,
pull files. I have had some neat experiences though... like
yesterday when I got to assist in surgery. A bloated dog
with a twisted stomach had emergency surgery. Very cool. I
got to stand around and hand things to the Dr. for like 2
hours. And it was pretty neat to see. But I still wish I had
even more variety.

I think I may have a bit of a cumpulsive lying problem. I
catch myself telling all sorts of lies. Little stupid ones..
its like I have such a boring life that I have to lie to make
conversation. If I didnt I would have absolutely nothing to
say! I dont know why I do it, its pointless. But I cant
help it. The words just slip out.

Its hot out today, I should go outside. But to do what? I
dont feel like going swimming or anything. I didnt even go
riding today like I had planned. I just dont feel like going
much anymore. I dont have enough energy. Maybe I should go
to bed. Im so sleepy. Havnt been able to sleep in for such
a long time!!