Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
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2002-08-31 05:58:41 (UTC)

As I am now.

Sad. Bored. Lonely. Depressed. Beer & cigarettes. The net.
This whole thing is lame, especially for me on a Friday
night. But I'll be better soon, let's hope.

Where shall I begin? My best friend S leaves town tomorrow
for school. She'll only be 4 hours away, but it's for three
years so it's going to be really different. We plan to
visit lots, but it's still really hard. I'm going to wake
up @8am tomorrow to go see her off. About 15 of us went for
dinner with her tonight and it was very nice to get
together like that. I'm going to miss her so much.

R&J had their baby, a little boy. He came early, but is
healthy & at home now so it's really good. I did visit them
when he was about 4 days old, I have to see them again soon.

A&J are expecting VERY SOON. We know it's a girl. She's
due on Sunday, but it's her first so...who knows. She's
been having the Braxton Hicks (sp?) for a couple of weeks
now though...????

Weird. Two of my VERY CLOSEST, OLDEST and DEAREST friends
are going to be parents now. R is married, A...well, that's
another story. I don't think her man is so great after all,
I'm worried he's going to turn out very bad. Very sad.

I am back now, I was working up North all summer. So good
to be home it is. So good.

~love ridden