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2002-08-31 02:54:00 (UTC)

Many days - well time to see only the goods

Well it has been a week. I did not write for days. And I did not
notice it. I thought it was yesterday. Well I tried to help some
people and they just did not want. They just had some free support
from my time. They did not want to learn anything from me. And my
enemies tried to attack me from my office. Because I am not employee
from there. I am just an adidas from there. I was there to help.
In public transport there is some thieves and there is some punishers
or just some sick people with a hand gun. It is because my city
had been passed by two to three mayors that have not time to use
with crowds. The older Mrs Erundina was the one that saved my big
city. In her times people could study in College because the passage
of public transportation was almost free. One quarter of a national
cash. And studies could pay only it to go school and back to home.
After her two other mayors came. They only could steal cash and make
it to lack to schools and hospitals and every thing in city. People
ran out of school and became marginal people. Now there is a new
mayor and she is forgetting the crowds elected her. She is just
trying to be good for midia corporations.
I will be good with good people. I will not spend my time with
losers and people that want to be my enemies.
Good people could help me to help them. Losers only tries to lie
and calumniates me to save their proud of no thing. I noticed they
spent much cash for things that they could not pay for a time.
And they spend less to things that could make their office go to
I will take time to spend with friends. It could make me better.
And after to be a hero and a warrior I could be king.
Better days for my truly friends where they are in the world : )