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2002-08-31 05:05:04 (UTC)

i just wanted you to see...that it was all worth it to me...

theres nothing i can do to make you stay.
worse, theres nothing i can say to make you go away.
the sound of your voice keeps pulsating through my head.
and i cant get your imprint out of my bed.
were stuck is this disgusting limbo
of accusations coupled with justifications.
between the weak the strong.
the right and the wrong.
and the reasoning behind it all
has become a massive blur in my mind.
sometimes i wish there was a way.
to change what day it is.
make the clock move a little faster.
the conversations with you slow to a whisper.
the rain beat down on my car tonight.
and after fighting with the wipers
i realized it was tears blinding me.
ive beat my heart down so many times.
i think one day its just going to stop.
and the only thing that keeps me going through this
is the possibility however slim.
that things could will eventually be okay again.
that one day.
however far.
the sun will shine and i will see you off in the distance
with a little brown baby boy on our beachfront condo.
and ill know that youre walking straight to me.
know that no matter who else could be waiting for you.
im the one who is, and you wouldnt have it any other way.

i think ive said too much and im going to sleep now.

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