The land of unknown
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2001-07-18 16:50:58 (UTC)


muahahahaha. for any one who is wondering, fruitcake
is my nickname for Lyz. sometimes i occasionally call
her fruitcake-o-matic and also stufid. because we're
both stufid. i wonder, do any other of my friends read
this? if u do, respond!!! i would like to know. and Kitty, u
better be reading these, i told u about them before. but
i'm not so sure she reads them. oh well. i bet people
are wondering why i never talk much about my day.
well, since i just moved in, all i do all day is unpack
boxes, take short drives out to see what's around, and
watch tv. that's primarily what makes up my day. and the
rest of it is mostly on here. for the first time ever, i
actually want school to start, just so can make a friend
or two and i'll have something to do. the only place i can
really go is this sorry ass shopping center that's about
2-3 minutes walk. but there's nothing there. atleast in
my old house, i could walk to the mall, or go to a friends
house. but out here, the nearest mall is a fifteen minute
drive. WWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well.
but of course i can't get back into the local metal scene
like i was out there. here, i don't think there even is one!
that reminds me, i still need to e-mail Pete from Stitch
and tell him my new address. i still didn't get my street
team stuff. and just for the hell of it, every one should go
check out Stitch at Stitchweb.com or Mp3.com search
Stitch. they're cool. trust me.

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