In Gods hands
2002-08-31 03:58:52 (UTC)

A sick week comes after a great week

Saturday 24th: Went to my bf Joels house from 3.30-8.30, we
didnt really do much besides have dinner.
Sunday 25th: Still feeling sick from Wednesday. I went to
church in the morning, then we picked Joel up at 3.30
folllowed by my brother Patricks friend and went to the
church. On arrival at the church I had a last dress
rehersal to do. Just as I finished this rehersal I ran off
stage vomiting. After that we had to do hair and make up.
At 6 the function began. At 6:30 we did our 15 minute dance
which i had to finish but as soon as the audiance could no
longer see me I ran into the bathrrom really sick and my
temp was extreamly high. My friend Jess from the other
youth group came in and tok me outside for some air. When I
was feeling a lot better but stikll really sick I went in
to Joel and the rest of my family at our table. son after
Joel and I went out and sat in the lobby. We went home at
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home in bed sick.
However at 3.30 Wednesday I went to Chermside to see Joel
and tell him I may be pg. Thursday i forced myself to go
back to school because there was no sign of me getting any
better any time soon.
Friday 23rd: Went to school. At 5:30 dad and I had McDonald
for dinner. At 6:30 I wwas dropped off at the church for
dance practice. Howwever to my discovery the bitch Nadia
had cancelled the rehersal and told the teacher Id be away
when Nadia had told me we had to show up for dancde this
week. So I'm going to kill Nadia, or at least get right up