This is mine
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2002-08-31 03:40:23 (UTC)

guys are f*cked up creatures... they are.

i hate guys. i really do. i bet that makes odie extra
special, i dont hate him. boys are always either ignoring
you, being complete assholes or trying to get into your
pants. lil f*ckers need to GROW UP!!!!!! ugh they make me
so mad, i cant believe them. ok...


odie and me arent really goin out but were together. its
complicated. but its so hard to be together cuz we live in
diferent towns and are both really busy and have tight
schedules and its just... hard. k so enough complaining,
cuz its givin me a headache. ugh another complaint. k im
goin. toodeloo to anyone if theyre even reading this.

ChAcHaLyNn LiTtLeFiElD


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