my simple small world
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2002-08-31 03:09:58 (UTC)

to rape a goat

random title to make this sound interesting...
got the white stripes cd's really good...
yep yep...
I think the perfect concert setup would be...rancid, the
white stripes, the strokes, and G.Love...
school went good today...but everyone in my CR class thinks
I'm on drugs..since I dissapeared for awhile and came back
with a rudoff stylin nose...I plead the fifth but still...
it was amusing everything they we're not only do
they bust on me since I'm one of the only chicks, but now
they think I have a drug problem...Alls I'm saying, if I do
have a drug problem, I can't remember it.but now they have
another reason to fuck with don't care, most
the time I'm in "alli's world" and it doesn't phase me..
I'm gonna go now....