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2002-08-31 03:05:57 (UTC)

no more words

there is nothing else i can say nemore. the world as i knew
it turned around this week and things will never be the
same. i lost one of my friends to a car accident. i lost a
friend in ray. i lost my private lesson instructor in
karate. and i lost my coach in demo team. nothing i can
say or do can fix what has happened or the emptiness i feel
inside. minh was my friend. i never got a chance to say
goodbye. ray, with him i dont know what to say nemore.
theres nothing more to explain. i can explain why i kept on
buggin him this past week cuz after seing my friend die i
got so scared that i wanted to see everyone important me
and tell them that i cared. but i guess i see now that he
doesn't or at least too busy to care. i guess i can
understand he shouldnt have to listen to my crappy problems
cuz he got his own life to worry about. im afraid to talk
to him now cuz i dont want to bother him nemore. in a way
it feels like i lost one of my good friends cuz i remember
how whenever i was sad i could look to him for advice or
something to make me feel better, but maybe i just imagined
all that. i already said my sorries and i dont expect
forgiveness nemore. i could explain, but i don't see that
fixing nething. at least i have all my friends like alicia
and yuri, huong, and hue to back me up and my family too.
even though mai dad was making me cry cuz he kept on
mentioning how he saw my friend's article in the news.
life is changing before my eyes and this time, i dont know
what to do nemore. i dont think i will for a while,