The Whole F'N Show
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2002-08-31 02:54:56 (UTC)

Damn the Man

So, I wrote my first column of the semester for the college paper. It's an anti-hyper-American patriotism column, and it packs a punch. People don't like to be told they're dumb, but they also hate to think. With this one, I've tried to challenge people to think about what's really going on in the American media and with the "War on Terror" and 9/11 and all that. . .and not to buy into patriotic-capitalism. The problem is. . .editors think there's too much contoversy brewing with something so honest. Hopefully I won't be censored, but already I've been moved from first column until the week after 9/11. The think emotions will have subdued a bit by then. Whatever, it loses its sting if it isn't used before the anniversary, so I argued it was a valid article and maybe I can get it in as an opinion column. Never know. Gotta' fight those who would buy into hyper-sensitivity. The only way to get over something is to deal with it, not candy-coat it and dress it up.

Anyway, otherwise this has been a fine week. ECTV held its organizational meeting and talent auditions Thursday night, and it was fun as always to cast and crew the shows, treating the fresh recruits as the pathetic pieces of meat they are. Or something like that. I'll be glad to get the station up and running, I'm doing some directing this semester and I'm on a few shows just for fun. I'm not good, but people seem to like me. All that matters, I guess. I just go on and have fun.

Classes are underway and going well. Sem is underway and going slowly, but it'll continue to plod along for 4 months anyway, so no biggie. The younger guys of the house are having a party, so it's a bit loud, but still early so I really don't mind. Long as they aren't loud enough to get busted, I don't care what they do. Told them to drink themselves to death, I'll find them in the morning. (Sigh.) I don't get it, I don't do it, but. . .I won't stand in anyone else's way if they want to waste their health and money on alcohol. I'll just sit up here in the room, eat my Pop-Tart (very good), and wake up my girlfriend who's been napping in the bedroom for a little while in a bit so we can figure out something to do tonight. Ah, Friday. . .eh, whatever. I found that when reading this journal back, it doesn't register "return" spaces between paragraphs or anything. Makes it a confusing jumble, may find a new one soon.


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